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Fire Safety

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On-site Fire Safety Training

We provide face-to-face courses such as:

- Fire Safety Awareness
- Fire Marshall / Fire Warden Training
- Fire Extinguisher Training
- Fire Drill Support

- Fire Evacuation Training

Compared to online training, our in-person training offers more face-to-face engagement. Greater practice and confidence-building opportunities are provided. Our onsite training is adaptable and customised to your company's requirements! Additionally, it is both more affordable and effective than online training.


Training is required, according to the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order.
The accountable party is required to provide new hires with training as well as whenever they are exposed to unusual or higher risks.

Training in fire safety must be a part of your company's risk management plan. It must be given to the entire crew.

No matter how many employees a workplace has, the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 must be followed.

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