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Fire Risk 

Our highly experienced Fire Safety Consultants will produce a fire risk assessment report with detailed records of the significant findings, a clear and concise action plan with recommendations and a full assessment of risks and hazards in your premises. 

HSGenerator is renowned for its excellence and quality of work thus we will ensure the recommendations are appropriate to your business circumstances and the risk is effectively reduced, minimised or managed. We will ensure the safety of employees and others who may be affected by a fire on the premises but we also we will take into consideration the protection of the premises and their content. 


We specialise in Fire Risk Assessments for:

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- Factories and Warehouses

- Offices and Shops

- Educational premises

- Hospitals and other healthcare premises

- Residential care premises

- Theatres, cinemas, concert halls and similar premises

- Purpose-built blocks of flats

- Sleeping Accommodation

such as all guest accommodation, hotels, motels, hostels, residential health and beauty spas, resorts, HMO and many others. 

Small and medium places of assembly

such as restaurants, clubs, dance halls/schools, village halls, community centres, churches and other places of religious worship or study, conference centres, leisure centres, swimming pools, large nightclubs and large pubs, cathedrals, and museums, libraries and other associated premises. 

- Large places of assembly

premises where more than 300 people could gather, such as sports stadia, exhibition and conference centres, leisure centres, swimming pools, large nightclubs and large pubs, churches, cathedrals, other places of religious worship or study and associated premises, museums, libraries, common areas of shopping malls, large temporary structures, marquees/ tents, air-supported structures, large community centres, large village halls and similar premises.

12+ years managing Fire Safety for various industries

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Legal Requirement

The main duty holder under the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 is the 'Responsible Person'. The 'Responsible Person' must ensure compliance with the requirements of the RRFSO and it may be the employer if the workplace is under his/her control, or if this is not the case, the person who has control of the premises whether the occupier or owner. 

'The Responsible Person' must carry out a suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment or nominate a competent person to do this on their behalf to identify general fire precautions needed, this should also consider dangerous substances stored on site. Failure to meet this requirement could result in: Alteration / Enforcement / Prohibition Notice (Art.29-31), unlimited fines or imprisonment (6 months to 2 years) - (Art. 32)

Whee there are five or more people employed or an alteration notice is in force, the significant findings of the assessment need to be recorded. No new work activity should commence that involves dangerous substances unless a risk assessment has been made and any measures required under the order have been implemented. 

A risk assessment should be reviewed regularly, or when it is no longer valid, or significant changes have taken place, such as changes to the premises and organisational measures. 

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Process of
Fire Risk Assessment

To book a fire risk assessment visit: 

1. Send an email with a request. 

2. We will prepare a free and no-obligatory quote. The price is calculated based on the building size and type of occupation. You will be asked to send a copy of the floor plan of the building.

3. You will receive the quote via email. Once you accept it - we will contact you to arrange the payment and date of visit.  

Process of Fire Risk Assessment:

1. The Fire Safety Consultant will send an email to a Site Contact before the visit (see point 4a). The Site Contact will be asked to appoint a person, who will show around the building and provide access to all rooms. The floor plan of the building will be required to confirm that all rooms have been checked.
2. On the day of a visit, the Fire Safety Consultant will report to the Site Contact or an appointed person. 
3. The route of the inspection will be agreed upon with the Site Contact or the Appointed Person.
4. The fire risk assessment will be divided into two parts such as:
a) Documents and current control measures audit - the Client will receive a pre-visit questionnaire and a list of the questions asked at this stage (via email).  
b) Site inspection of the premises. The Fire Safety Consultant might take photos as the evidence required for the report.
5. The Client will receive the final report within 1-2 weeks on the condition of making payment in full.

Price List

The prices below are indicative.

HSGenerator offers Saturday and Sundays FRA Site Visits at no extra charge! 
Perfect for schools, HMOs and other busy businesses, which don't want any interruption during weekdays!



£299 - £349

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Price of Fire Risk Assessment for:

  • Small residential communal areas - up to 150 sq m

  • Other buildings up to 200 sq m

£359 - £449

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Price of Fire Risk Assessment for:

  • Buildings between 300 - 900 sq m

£459 - £699

Image by Daniel Tausis

Price of Fire Risk Assessment for:

  • Buildings between 1 000 - 2 000 sq m

£719 - £849


Price of Fire Risk Assessment for:

  • Buildings between 2 100 - 3 100 sq m

£859 - £999

Image by Denys Argyriou

Price of Fire Risk Assessment for:

  • Buildings between 3 100 - 4 900 sq m

  • Individual prices for buildings over 5 000 sq m and multiple sites & care homes

If you want more information regarding these services contact us or call us now to discuss