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Protect Your Business with Comprehensive Fire Risk Assessments

Welcome to HSGenerator, your trusted source for fire risk assessment. Our team of expert fire risk assessors is dedicated to ensuring the safety of your premises. With our comprehensive assessments and tailored solutions, we help you minimize fire risks and protect your business. Trust HSGenerator for all your fire safety needs.

Meet the Fire Safety Experts at HSGenerator

We offer non-destructive Fire Risk Assessments and Pre-Occupational Fire Safety Assessments for commercial and residential premises.


Our Fire Risk Assessor - Daria Wziech, is highly qualified, well-experienced, and knowledgeable. She holds the Member Grade (MIFSM) of the Institute of Fire Safety Managers, and she is an accredited and registered Fire Risk Assessor in Tier 2 (CFRAR) and the National Fire Risk Assessor Register (Fire Sector Federation). 

Our Fire Risk Assessment service provides you with a professional and accurate fire risk assessment report. We take the time to thoroughly assess your property and provide you with detailed information about any potential risks. With our help, you can take the necessary steps to protect your property from fire and keep your staff safe.

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Protect What Matters Most with HSGenerator's Fire Risk Assessment


  • Process of identifying fire precautions in a newly constructed building or refurbished premises

  • Deciding whether or not the new or refurbished premises is likely to be fit for occupation

  • Instructing any required measures to be implemented before the occupants move in

  • Informing about control and prevention measures required by RRFS0 2005 

  • A perfect solution to reduce the non-conformities in the final Fire Risk Assessment


  • Identifying the current level of fire risk

  • Determining the adequacy of existing fire precautions

  • Determining the need for and the nature of, any additional fire precautions 

  • Should be undertaken once the building has been occupied

  • Must be reviewed regularly and kept up-to-date

  • A review of fire risk assessment must be undertaken if alterations to a building or refurbishment occured


Berkshire fire risk assessmen


fire risk assessment london

Greater London

fire risk assessment Oxfordshire


surrey fire risk assessment


fire risk assessment buckinghamshire


hampshire fire risk assessment


fire risk assessment hertfordshire


fire risk assessment Wiltshire



warehouse fire risk assessment

Warehouses and Factories

- Factories with Warehouses

- Large and Small Factories
- Storage Warehouses

- Manufacturing Warehouses

fire risk assessment shops and offices

Shops and Offices

- Converted Office Blocks

- Purpose-built Office or Shop
- Individual Office or Shop units which are part of other complexes such as a shopping centre

school fire risk assessment

Educational Premises

- Schools, After-school clubs,

- Sunday schools
- Academies, Universities

- Adult Education centres
- Crèches, Music schools
- Outdoor education centres

care home fire risk assessment

Residential Care Premises

- Care Homes

- Nursing Homes

- Residential Homes
- Rehabilitation Premises

hospital fire risk assessment

Healthcare Premises

- Medical Centres

- Hospitals

- Other Healthcare Premises

hmo fire risk assessment

Sleeping Accommodation

- The common areas of flats and maisonettes/houses in multiple occupations (HMOs) / sheltered accommodation where care is not provided

- Guest Houses, Bed and Breakfasts,

- Holiday flat complexes, holiday chalets, caravan, camping and holiday parks (other than privately owned individual units)

- In licensed premises or hotels
- Areas in workplaces where staff ‘sleeping in’ is a condition of employment or a business

fire risk assessment for airbnb

Transport Premises and Facilities

- Shipping Ports

- Buses, Trains, Coach

- Terminals

- Airport terminals

- Rail and Road Tunnels

- Passenger Ferry Ports and Facilities

music concert fire risk assessment

Open-air Events and Venues

- Markets

- Zoos

- Firework Displays
- Music Concerts
- Sporting Events

fire risk assessment public house

Small and Medium Places of Assembly

- Small up to 60 people

- Medium up to 300 people

- Clubs, Public Houses

- Marquees and Tents

- Community Centres, Village Halls
- Churches and Other Religious Centres

community centre fire risk assessment

Large Places of Assembly

- More than 300 people

- Large Nightclubs

- Sports Stadia

- Conference Centres, Exhibition
- Community Centres, Village Halls

- Cathedrals, Churches etc.
- Common Areas of Shopping Malls, Shopping centres

residential flats fire risk assessment

Purpose-built Blocks of Flats

fire risk assessment construction


fire risk assessment theatre

Concert halls

stables fire risk assessment

Animal Premises Stables

12+ years managing Fire Safety for various industries


The main duty of a responsible person under the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005 (RRFSO 2005) is to ensure that the workplace is in compliance with the regulations. This person may be the owner or the employer of the facility. If the owner or the occupier of the facility is not the person who has the authority to make the decisions regarding the safety and health of the workers, then the responsibility should be taken by the other person.

The legal obligation of a Responsible Person also includes carrying out a fire risk assessment and identifying the appropriate fire precautions. This should be carried out on their own, and they should also consider the safety of the workers and the hazardous substances stored in the facility. If the assessment and recommendations are not carried out properly, then the facility could be subject to various penalties and fines.

The significant findings of the evaluation must be recorded whenever there are five or more employees or if an alteration notice is in force. No new work activities involving hazardous substances should start until a risk assessment has been undertaken and any necessary instructions have been implemented.

A risk assessment should be revised on a regular basis, when it is no longer accurate, or when significant changes, including alterations to the location or organisational changes, have occurred. 


fire risk assessment near me slough

1. Send a request via email or give us a call.

2. We'll put together a free, no-obligation quote. The cost is determined based on the size of the structure and the kind of occupation. Sometimes we might request a copy of the building's floor plan.

3. We'll send you an email with the price quote for the fire risk assessment.

4. Once you agree, we'll contact you to set the payment and visit date.


fire risk assessment consultants

1. Prior to the visit, the Fire Safety Consultant will email a Site Contact (see point 4a).

The building tour guide and key holder will be appointed by the site contact and given access to all rooms. To verify that every room has been examined, the building's floor plan will be needed.
2. The Fire Safety Consultant shall present themselves to the Site Contact or another designated individual on the day of a visit.
3. The Site Contact or the Authorized Representative will help determine the inspection's path.​

4. The fire risk assessment will be broken up into two sections, such as:

a) Documents and current control measures audit – the customer is given a pre-visit questionnaire and a list of the questions asked at this stage (via email).
b) A property inspection on-site. Photographs could be taken by the fire safety consultant to provide the proof needed for the report.
5. Subject to complete payment being received, the Client gets the final report in up to 5 days (unless this is an urgent request)


The costs shown below are approximate.

FRA Site Visits are available on Saturdays & Sundays and Bank Holidays at no extra charge.
Perfect for busy enterprises like schools and HMOs that don't want any disruptions during the workweek!

£199 - £299

fire risk assessment for hmo property

Price of Fire Risk Assessment for:

  • Small residential communal areas - up to 150 sq m

£300 - £349

care home fire risk assessment example

Price of Fire Risk Assessment for:

  • Buildings between 200 - 900 sq m

£350 - £499

fire risk assessment for communal areas

Price of Fire Risk Assessment for:

  • Buildings between   1 000 - 2 000 sq m

£500 - £599

fire risk assessment companies

Price of Fire Risk Assessment for:

  • Buildings between 2 100 - 3 100 sq m

£560 - £699

fire safety risk assessment factories and warehouses pdf

Price of Fire Risk Assessment for:

  • Buildings between 3 100 - 4 900 sq m

  • Individual prices for buildings over 5 000 sq m and multiple sites & care homes


If you'd like more information about Fire Risk Assessment Service, get in touch with us or give us a call right away.

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