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CSCS Card - Safety Consultant
Construction Fire Risk Assessment


HSGenerator offers regular safety inspections and audits by competent Construction Safety Consultants at suitable intervals.

We conduct site inspections to check and verify compliance with the Health and Safety Management System, safety standards and law requirements, working conditions, on-site documentation, and other critical areas of the work site. 

In the next step, we generate a report which contains observations, identification of potential hazards, recommendation for remedial actions and any suggestions required to guarantee continuous legal compliance and prevention of incidents, injuries and illness.

HSGenerator also offers regular site visits, which enable you to monitor the health and safety management system in your business and its efficiency - a perfect solution for businesses without an appointed Health & Safety Professional.

Our inspections can be combined with Toolbox Talks and included in the Annual Support Contract.


The Construction Safety Consultant - Daria Wziech - is experienced in Construction Safety and holds relevant qualifications. What is more, she is also competent and registered Fire Risk Assessor familiar with Construction Fire Safety. 


health and safety inspection

Performance Site Safety Inspection

This inspection includes a check of the health and safety performance of your workers and contractors. 

We ensure that they comply with site rules, risk assessments and method statements. If we identify any hazards we will advise about the safe measures to be put in place.

Additionally, we can look into the RAMS to ensure they are adequate and cover all required aspects. 

health and safety checks

Compliance Site Safety Inspection

This inspection covers more aspects than the Performance Site Safety Inspection and will help you to meet the legal requirement of monitoring the health and safety compliance of contractors

Our Consultant will examine health and safety documentation, welfare provisions, personnel protective equipment, first aid, fire precautions, traffic management, access/egress, housekeeping, security, plant and equipment, lifting operations, working at heights, asbestos etc. 

All non-conformance will be documented in the form of a report.  

Site inspection

Formal Site Safety

Our competent Health and Safety Professionals will identify hazards on your worksite and help you to mitigate exposure to risk as well as ensure you put adequate arrangements in place.


We will undertake this type of site inspection together with the Site Manager to ensure there is a mutual understanding of the on-site activities and existing safe system of work and potential risks. 

Our Consultant will start by looking at site documentation such as the construction phase plan, risk assessments, method statements, fire and emergency procedures, and statutory notices such as insurances, health and safety law poster and F10, site logistic plan, site rules and details of first aiders. Then the site safety tour will be undertaken to observe on-site segregation, site security, the effectiveness of the use of personal protective equipment, access and egress, housekeeping, safe use of plant and equipment, vehicle and pedestrian movements, and fire precautions.

Following this inspection, the Site Safety Inspection Report will be prepared and issued and will include any outstanding issues and time scale based on the level of risk for any action to be taken.


Site safety inspection

To identify potential hazards and correct them before an accident occurs

Construction site inspection

To ensure workplace is safe and free from any risks

health and safety site inspection

To ensure that Safety Procedures are followed correctly 

inspection on site

To prevent overlooked areas onsite

health and safety inspections in workplace

To prevent incidents, injuries and illness

in site inspection

To ensure that work meets all legal requirements to prevent prosecution and the damaged reputation of your company

workplace safety inspections

To correct and improve operations up to acceptable Health & Safety standards

Site inspection construction

To check the Health and Safety performance of contractors and workers on site and their compliance with RAMS


If you'd like more information about these services, get in touch with us or give us a call right away.

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