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HSE Safety Notice - LPG Forklift Truck Fire Risk

The build-up of deposits in fuel systems, in particular, the vaporiser units of LPG-powered vehicles, such as forklift trucks, has led to a number of fires.

HSE requires to take the following actions:

  • Review your safe system of work in relation to the use of all LPG-powered lift trucks and similar vehicles

  • Provide information, instruction and training for all operators about the hazards raised in the alert

  • Park LPG vehicles in well-ventilated areas free from flammable material, particularly when parking overnight or for longer periods

If you are our Client of the Health & Safety Retainer - you should be already contacted by our Consultant with an updated SSoW and ToolBox Talk Training programme.

If you wish to ask for the Health & Safety Retainer option for your company - contact us at 07701 335 035 or

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