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Fire Safety Law Update: Martyn's Law

A new draft of Martyn's Law has been recently proposed by the UK government. This law intends to improve the safety and security of persons attending events or places in the country by implementing a variety of anti-terrorism measures.

The drafting of Martyn's Law requires that all publicly accessible locations and spaces in the United Kingdom meet a set of minimum security and safety criteria. Risk assessments, training, and the implementation of appropriate security measures are a few examples of such measures.

Clause 19 of the proposed law, which particularly covers fire safety under the Fire Safety Order 2005, is relevant to persons responsible for fire safety.

This draft law is not yet in effect and is still being reviewed and consulted on. However, it is likely that it will be enacted in the future, so those responsible for fire safety must begin to familiarise themselves with the implications of this law, particularly clause 19.

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