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NEW GUIDANCE: Preparing a safety case report

GOV.UK has published a new guidance page on the responsibilities of the principal accountable person regarding a high-rise residential building’s safety case report.

The safety case report is a document that summarises the safety case for a high-rise residential building. It identifies the building’s safety risks and explains how the risks are being managed. Building safety risks are the risk of the spread of fire or structural failure.

From 1 October 2023 you should prepare a safety case report as soon as possible when:

- the building is already occupied or becomes occupied

- you become the principal accountable person

The report must contain the following information:

- Details of the accountable persons

- Responsible Persons

- Who prepared the report

- Building description

- Risk Assessments summary

- Managing risks summary

- Safety Management System

- Planning for emergencies

- Ongoing work and building improvement

For detailed information, click the link below:

New Guidance - Preparing a safety case report
Preparing a safety case report

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