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The consultants at HSGenerator are among the most experienced experts in the UK in creating effective fire management systems, enhancing fire prevention, and boosting fire protection to reduce risk for many organizations. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience to guarantee the quality and originality of every project we undertake.

Managing the fire risk is a key responsibility of every employer. A large fire could completely destroy a business and result in the deaths of countless accidental victims. It makes sense to handle fires in tiers, and making little changes can drastically reduce the risks. HSGenerator will assist your business in reducing risk by improving fire safety management, fire prevention, and fire protection procedures. When the system is in place, we will put in place effective emergency measures, protocols, and fire escape training.


fire emergency and evacuation plan

Establishing Fire Risk Management System in Conformity with Requirements of Legislation

fire strategy

Developing Fire Risk Management Strategy

Fire Evacuation Procedure

Implementing Fire Risk Management Strategy

fire evacuation plan

Training of Fire Safety Manager or Person nominated to monitor and control management of fire safety


Fire Risk Assessment

A Pre-Occupation Fire Safety Assessment

  • process of identifying fire precautions in a newly constructed building or refurbished premises

  • This assessment should be undertaken from the design and construction phase to the operational phase of new premises

Fire Risk Assessment Services

Fire Risk Assessment

  • A systematic and structured assessment of the fire risk in the premises

  • Should be undertaken once the building has been occupied

Fire risk assessors near me

Resources and authority

  • Establishment of required resources to implement, maintain and improve the fire risk management system

Warden Training

Fire Safety Training 

  • Training-Needs Assessment

  • Training of Staff and others for action in the event of a fire  


Permit to work

Control of Work on Site 

  • A work control system of contractors

  • A permit system

  • Logging and work control audit processes

  • Routine checking and supervision

fire alarm testing

Maintenance and Testing

  • Control processes for maintenance and testing of fire safety system 

Fire Evacuation Plan


  • Internal and External Communications Procedures

Emergency planing

Emergency Planning

  • Pre-determined response strategy 

  • Post-incident plan and contingency plan

fire safety manual

Fire Safety Manual

  • Operational records

  • Fire Safety Policy Statement

  • Fire Safety documentation

  • Evacuation Strategy

  • Fire Emergency Plan

  • Evacuation Procedure

fire signage

Fire Safety Signs and Signing Systems

  • Needs-Signs Assessment

  • Records of the location of fire safety signs


If you'd like more information about Fire Safety Training, get in touch with us or give us a call right away.

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