HSGenerator are the UK's leading specialists in implementing an effective fire management system, improving fire prevention and fire protection to reduce the level of risk for your business.

The management of fire risk is a fundamental responsibility for every employer. A serious fire could destroy a business and result in the death of many innocent people. Effective fire management is a staged process, which is logical and small steps can effectively reduce the risks. HSGenerator will assist your business to improve fire safety management, fire prevention and fire protective measures to reduce the level of risk. 

Our Fire Safety Management System Package includes:

  • Producing a Fire Plan 

  • Appointment of an adequate number of Fire Warden, setting their responsibility and implementing weekly Fire Safety Inspections

  • Control of flammable materials and setting adequate control measures

  • Reducing the potential for ignition

  • Implementing effective emergency provision and procedures & fire escape practice followed by improvement or corrective actions to be subsequently implemented

  • Control of the fire by ensuring that your fire fighting equipment is selected, positioned effectively and adequately inspected

  • Prepare instruction for visitors in the evacuation procedures

  • Prepare formal training on the emergency procedures and fire management processes for their induction training

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Fire Safety
Management System

Fire Safety Management System Packages

Package price depends on the number of employees and may be lower if you qualify for the lower end of the price range. 

Bronze Package 
at only £1,699

for companies less than 5 employees

Gold Package
at only £2,699

for companies with 20-50 employees

Silver Package
at only £2,199

for companies with 5-20 employees

Platinum Package
at £3,199

for companies over 50 employees