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The UK's top experts in developing efficient fire management systems, enhancing fire prevention, and strengthening fire protection to lower the degree of risk for your company are at HSGenerator.

Consequences of Fire

Every employer has a fundamental duty to manage the danger of fire. A significant fire might completely destroy a business and kill numerous unintentional victims. A tiered approach to fire management makes sense, and taking simple efforts can significantly lower the dangers. By enhancing fire safety management, fire prevention, and fire protection measures, HSGenerator will help your company lower the level of risk.

Fire Safety Management System Package

As part of our fire safety management system package, we offer:

  • Developing a Fire Plan

  • The selection of a sufficient number of Fire Warden, the assignment of their duties, and the implementation of weekly Fire Safety Inspections

  • Managing combustible materials and establishing effective control measures

  • lowering the likelihood of igniting

  • Implementing efficient emergency provisions, procedures, and fire escape training, then implementing the following corrective or improvement measures

  • Keeping the fire under control by choosing, positioning, and inspecting your firefighting tools properly

  • Prepare instructions on how to evacuate visitors.

  • Prepare a formal introduction to emergency procedures and fire management techniques for them.

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Fire Safety
Management System

Fire Safety Management System Packages

Package price depends on the number of employees and may be lower if you qualify for the lower end of the price range. 

Bronze Package 
at only £1,699

for companies less than 5 employees

Gold Package
at only £2,699

for companies with 20-50 employees

Silver Package
at only £2,199

for companies with 5-20 employees

Platinum Package
at £3,199

for companies over 50 employees